The Ch00ftech Business Card

The Card

Congrats!  You have in your possession a Ch00ftech business card.  This page is here to help you make the most of your business card and understand exactly what it does.

What does it do?

When connected to your computer through USB, this card will show up as a mouse and attempt to draw a neat pattern somewhere near the middle of your screen. The instructions on the back give some specifics, but you basically just need to provide the card with a canvas onto which to draw the pattern by clicking and dragging.

How does it work?

The Ch00ftech business card is running a special firmware that emulates a USB graphics tablet.  You can find some details on it here.

Mine isn’t working!

Here are a few things to try if your card isn’t working:

  • If you use USB Overdrive on a Mac, make sure you disable it before using the card.
  • Windows machines might try (and fail) to search Windows Update for a device driver.  This is unnecessary as the generic driver works fine.  If it starts searching Windows Update, make sure to cancel it.
  • If nothing is happening, try using a different USB port or adjusting how the card sits in the port.  Some ports make it difficult for the card to make electrical contact.
  • If you have a multiple monitor setup, try disabling all but one of your monitors.

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