Ch00ftech Stickers - $2

Decorate your laptop, oscilloscope, or portable Tesla coil with one of these durable ch00ftech stickers.

Each sticker measures 1" x 5-9/16" and has a matte finish.  Free shipping to U.S.

QR Clock - $100

Confuse your friends and colleagues with this deliciously impractical yet attractive QR code clock! Rather than displaying the time in any format that a human can understand, the QR clock requires the use of a QR code reader to make sense of the time. Of course, this reader will probably reside on a smartphone which has a built in clock, but...that's beside the point.

The time is displayed as a Version 1 21x21 pixel QR code. Try to scan the image on this page for a quick demonstration. It measures 8x8" and features a brilliant white display that automatically adjusts to ambient lighting allowing it to be clearly visible during the day without being distracting at night. It has a simple mounting system on the back that will work perfectly on a standard picture hanging nail. The soft rubber pads under the display will keep it from damaging the wall.

The prototype displayed here is powered by a DC barrel jack power supply, but the final version will run off a standard 5V, 2A micro-usb smartphone charger (not included). Make sure to order one with a long enough cable for your mounting situation.

The QR clock also doubles as a development platform for makers who want a standalone 24x24 pixel display. The device is driven by an ATMega328 running at 11.0592MHz. By press-fitting a 2x3 header into the programming header slot, this device can be reprogrammed to do anything you want. The RX and TX lines are also left available for external communication.