3 thoughts on “Automatic car sun visor

  1. car will need an accurate clock (easy) a gps (pretty easy) and an attitude sensor (harder) and finally a computer to manage all of the info. All possible. It would be cool to make a prototype
    The issue of head location could be done with the driver setting the spot before driving just like you set a rearview mirror. You may also want to be able to set the degree of tint.
    I know you want to keep costs down, but I wouldn’t make the panels too big as the sudden changes in location of the tint may look like obstructions appearing outside the car and may be distracting

  2. Well, that’s all assuming that it determines the direction of the sun by the time. I was thinking it would just have some kind of photo cell on the roof of the car that would tell the computer the position of any bright light relative to the car. Assuming that gravity and pitch doesn’t alter the position of the viewer’s head too much, they wouldn’t matter. This could even work at night with exceptionally bright high-beams. The idea is just to equalize the brightness of everything to make it easier on the eyes.

  3. okay, this would be freaking sweet, but you’d have to make it so that it randomly tracks vehicles and stuff, and puts tracers on them, the have a female computer voice say stuff like, “targe aquired” and…”enemy approaching” make the whole experience a lot more interative…

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