4 thoughts on “Anti-gravity first person shooter

  1. Hey, cool idea! And cool blog, I too have lots of ideas that I either don’t have the time or the ability to bring all the elements together for, so I can relate.

    Good luck, maybe some head honcho of a corporation using your concepts will notice and actually give you credit! Even better, some royalties!

  2. I had a friend in college actually make a game like this. He called it Gravelocity. I doubt it’s out there for download, but it was fun. you could point in a direction an change the gravity vector or fire a gravity spike that would allow you to essentially turn any airborne object into a mini-planet.

  3. This sounds like the tactical exercise in Ender’s Game. I’d really like to see it put into production, maybe by Valve. They seem to like innovative ideas like that.

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