Schematic Stronger Glasses


First of all i want to say i think your glasses are awesome 😀

I was looking for something like this to make, did you make the schematic with softcad eagle if so can i have he schematic?

And what kind of thing is M1?

kind regards


 Hi, thanks for writing.

The schematic is posted on the blog. Giving you the schematic file wouldn’t really help because I use my own library of parts.

M1 is the microphone. -44dB 2.2k electret.



tnx i have almost created it in cadsoft but i have some questions.
-vcc and vcc/2 are just nets?
-and what kind of power do you use 9v?
-and what kind of device is in front of the triac’s?
-and in the schematic there stand common terminal for u4d and u5d but there are no u4d and u5d.
-and for what are those 3 lines in the top left corner?


-yep, just off-page indicators to make it the schematic a little neater.
-9v battery
-LM339 as indicated on the schematic
-U4D and U5D are the D gate of U4 and U5 (see UA-C on the right?)
-Read the blog post and it explains.


Also, I’ve added a bill of materials to the bottom of the page. Might help you.

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