Idea and overview

I’ve made a few different time pieces since I started working on custom electronics and decided that I want to seriously “step up my game” by building something that is at the moment completely over my head.

I want to make a watch.

The watch must be good enough to easily replace my current binary watch (which, let’s face it, just isn’t geeky enough any more). This means that it must draw an insanely small amount of power to get at least 6+ months of battery live out of its pitiful CR2032 battery.

My idea is to make an LED analog watch. It will have 60 (or maybe 30) LEDs around the edge for minutes and another 24 (or maybe 12) for hours. I might even add some for seconds too if I’m up for it.

I’m not just going to make this a boring watch though. While I’m at it, I might as well add some crazy features.

I’m planning on installing a digital compass/accelerometer unit and a buzzer which lend themselves to some interesting possibilities. Here, I’ve drawn out a few.

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