New features and replacement parts

I realized today that I2C is a universal(ish) standard kind of thing, and if possible, it would make it really easy if all of my components were I2C compatible.

For this reason, I’m probably going to replace my accelerometer with a a LIS-1331DLH, which is LGA16 like my current choice, but unfortunately, it’s .5mm pitch as opposed to .65mm, so I can’t use the same breakout board. I won’t worry about it right now and order it at some point in the future.

I was also sitting at work today freezing my ass off and not believing the “74F” that the thermostat in the room was reporting when I got an idea: Why not add a thermometer to this thing? It wouldn’t even be that hard. Just another chip.

I decided to get a LM75A. It’s 8-SOIC, and sports an I2C interface.

I also got a 8-SOIC breakout board.

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