Out With the Old, In With the New

So at some point while I was working on my hard drive display, my trusty multimeter died.

It 866’d itself…

No matter what I do to revive it, all it does now is display the number “866”.  Even a fresh battery couldn’t save it (at least I think it was fresh…had trouble measuring it…).  I got this meter off amazon for $20 at about the time I was writing this post, and it’s served me well as you’ve probably seen throughout my blog.

Welp, it’s no good to me dead, so I promptly trashed it and totally splurged on this monster:

I’m not one to write product reviews, but you’ll be seeing some of the awesome features of this Fluke 87-V on my blog in the future.  So far, I can say that it feels incredibly solid and its continuity test is instantaneous!


3 thoughts on “Out With the Old, In With the New

  1. It has a reputation for being the industry’s standard so it must be perfect. As a professional tool is a bit pricey so i can’t afford one for now.

    • It’s a little rich for my blood too, but after going through three crappy meters in the past three years, this should be the last one I buy.

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