Details on the Radial Display

So, last night I posted a video cataloging my creation of a radial spinning disk display (that’s what I’m calling it anyway). It’s not really a new concept or anything, and wasn’t particularly hard to make. That’s why it was the perfect candidate for the video which I think turned out rather well.

I was so excited about finishing the video, that I decided to post it before I had a proper writeup.  That’s what this post is for.

Because you can find details on how a radial spinning disk display (or “hard drive clock“) works all over the place, I thought I’d make this sort of a “meta” post and try to catalog not only the project but all of the design decisions (right and wrong) that I made along the way.  If you’ve been bored stiff by my super technical posts recently, this should be a welcome departure.  I made sure to include tons of photos.

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