Look at all these paaaarts!

So, I got the first of my digikey orders in today.

This included my analog accelerometer, the compass chip, and the buzzer among other things
I’d have to say that I’m surprised at how big everything is. After dealing with the little clock gears yesterday, these chips feel huge. I guess that’s a good thing as far as handling them goes, but it’s going to be really difficult to squeeze them all into the finished package.
I suppose first thing to change is going to be the buzzer. I had simply taken the buzzer off the MakerBot Watch which is much much bulkier than mine. I’m going to have to find a replacement at some point.

Also, On the right column of the blog, I’ve added a “to do” section which I will update with my upcoming parts orders and list of goals.

Huh, since adding that section, I realized that I really can’t use the digital accelerometer that I had picked out because it’s one of those weird LGA16 chips where the 16 are arranged in a 5×3 instead of 4×4 order. Gotta find a new one (or maybe I could stick with the analog, we’ll see).

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