[No Longer] Writing for Hackaday


If you checked out Hackaday.com earlier today, you may have noticed a familiar name on the byline of one of the recent posts.

A few weeks ago, Mike Szczys, the Managing Editor of Hackaday, contacted me asking if I would like to write for the blog.  Owing a lot of my web traffic to Hackaday and being a fan for a while, I happily took the offer.  My priorities still lie with my own blog (and y’know…my day job), so don’t expect my blog posts to slow down any more than they already have.

I probably won’t be contributing as much as the other writers, but if you have any tips for something that you think is Hackaday worthy, feel free to email or tweet them to me.

I wrote four articles for Hack-a-day, but couldn’t keep up with their publication schedule, so I quit.  It was fun while it lasted.

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