New features and replacement parts

I realized today that I2C is a universal(ish) standard kind of thing, and if possible, it would make it really easy if all of my components were I2C compatible.

For this reason, I'm probably going to replace my accelerometer with a a LIS-1331DLH, which is LGA16 like my current choice, but unfortunately, it's .5mm pitch as opposed to .65mm, so I can't use the same breakout board. I won't worry about it right now and order it at some point in the future.

A Transplant Candidate

So, I'm going to need a case for my watch to go into, so I ordered a cheap Casio watch off Amazon. Nobody seems to sell watch cases for hobbyists, so I guess I'm just going to have to go about ripping apart watches until I find one that will work.

This is the watch I bought:
And I went ahead and bought a tool for getting the back off (I've done this before with a screw driver and managed to destroy my screwdriver, so...)

Sockets and footprints

I spent about 6 hours today racking my brain trying to find parts that will both do what I want and feasibly be used in both the prototype and final version.

My prototype will be on a breadboard, so I need a chip that I can surface mount to a breakout board and later surface mount to an actual custom circuit board.

Here's what I got from digikey