The Laser Doodler

So I've got a project coming up (that may have something to do with this tweet) that will require a few LED matrix displays.  I found a suitable candidate online and ordered one to play around with.  Since I already had the display, I thought it'd be fun to run it through the paces and build a little circuit out of it using some parts I had lying around.

What I came up with is the "Laser Doodler."

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No, I won't make you a Chris Jericho jacket, but here's how I would if I wanted to

I've done a few commissioned pieces for artists and musicians on this blog, but I would like to make it clear that my primary objective is to provide educational content for my viewers and to also catalog my work for my own future reference.

Basically, I'd be happy to make something for you as long as it is sufficiently challenging, new, and interesting.  The DJ Jacket and ongoing EL Panel shirt projects are examples of this.

If it would make an interesting blog post, I'm all about it.  Unfortunately, I've gotten numerous requests for something that I don't think would make a very interesting project/blog post, so I'm addressing it briefly here to help those who would like to make it for themselves.

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