The PrintSnap Instant Camera
The Gutenberg Clock
Light Up Earrings
Ice Breaker 2.0
A Magic Trick
Soil Moisture Sensor
Electronic Birthday Candle
Business Card
Sound-Reactive EL Dimmer
Longboard Wheel Display
QR Clock
Strongerer Glasses
Dimming EL Wire Dreamcatcher
Laser Doodler
Radial Hard Disk Display
Beat-tracking Windshield Wipers
Light Up Leather Jacket
Stronger Glasses
Digital Menorah
Ice Breaker
Bullet Counter
LED Persistence of Vision Toy

3 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Any thoughts of making a light up jacket just like WWE Superstar Chris Jericho? The LEDs go down the sleeves,vertically up and down the front and back. The Lights are blue.
    If so,do you think of possibly making one?

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